ENTECH operates 2 thick film and 1 thin film laser trimming systems. All systems have a Step and Repeat Handler and can be equipped with Milli-Ohm, Giga-Ohm and Ultra- thin film options for special applications. Here are some technical details:

  • Substrate size: 4" x 4" (standard), 6" x 6" (optional). Larger substrates can be processed upon request.
  • Laser beam positioning accuracy: +/- 2.5µm.
  • Handler positioning accuracy: +/- 6.35µm.
  • Laser cut width (material dependent): thick film 25m to 50m (standard), thin film: 10µm to 20µm (standard).
  • Scanner Matrix: 48 pins full Kelvin (extendable upon request).
  • Measurement system accuracy (mid range): thick film +/- 0.035%, thin film +/- 0.02%.
  • Measurement ranges (full Scale, system depending): 40 mΩ to 100 GΩ.
  • IEEE und RS232c interface for functional trimming.
Some of the above data are mean values and are application and system dependent.